The telescopic, polycarbonate pool enclosure assists in heating up the pool water. The operational concept of enclosures is based on the greenhouse effect; meaning that the incoming solar energy is stalled under the enclosure, therefore the pool’s water warms up easily despite the chilly outside temperature.

As a result of this, the pool may also be used through spring and autumn, since the enclosure increases the heat balance of the pool by approximately 50%.

It prevents water evaporation. Based on a simple principle the evaporating water cannot escape into the atmosphere, since it condenses on the inner wall of the pool enclosure, then drips back into the pool body. Not only do we save a significant amount of water by this, but we also prevent cooling of water which would be the result of evaporation. Based on our experiences, 95% of evaporation can be prevented by a well installed pool enclosure.

By preventing evaporation, we require fewer chemicals throughout the season, since we don’t need to fill up the pool with chemical-free, fresh water as many times. The telescopic, polycarbonate enclosure is not only economic, but also an environmentally friendly, health-conscious solution for minimizing chemical use.
It protects the pool’s water from physical contamination. Since the telescopic, polycarbonate pool enclosure fully covers the water surface, tree leaves or other unwanted objects cannot fall into it. Because access to the water body is difficult for insects or amphibians as a result of the closed enclosure, the appearance of dead insects and larvae is avoidable in the pool environment. The pool’s maintenance becomes much more simple and comfortable. The structure saves you a lot of work and expenses.