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Short pool enclosure type

The biggest advantage of short pool enclosures is that they fit excellently. They almost entirely blend in with most environments. Thanks to the the sliding door, the pool is suitable for swimming even in a closed state. Besides the aesthetic appearance, the rounded aluminium profiles pass the highest safety requirements. Additionally, they provide long-term lifespan and exceeding stability. Short pool enclosures are also available among our offers, which take up even less space, while guaranteeing a modern appearance.

Medium height pool enclosure types

The medium height pool enclosure types assure a larger inner space beneath the pool enclosure, while still fitting and blending in well with their environments. Thanks to the the sliding door, the pool is suitable for swimming even in a closed state. The rounded aluminium profiles also pass the highest safety requirements in the case of this pool enclosure type. They also assure a long lifespan and exceeding stability.

Taller pool enclosure types

The tall pool enclosure is truly a premium and fully utilizable pool enclosing solution, thanks to which a relaxation zone and a comfortable exercise space can be developed around the pool. When talking about pool enclosures, in most cases the (glassy) structure is encrusted with a polycarbonate sheet, which contains aluminium reinforcement of outstanding strength. This assures the long lifespan. With every type, the pool is comfotably accessible thanks to the full size sliding doors. The movement of the pool enclosure – depending on the size – requires one or two persons.

Massage Pool Enclosure Types

A special massage pool enclosure is also available in our offer, which we recommend for outdoor jacuzzis. The utilized structural elements guarantee easy assembly with all enclosure types and only require minimal maintenance. Instead of the transparent polycarbonate sheets we often use bronze coloured sheets, which decrease the effects of sunlight and assure a more intimate space for the users of the massage pool. Furthermore, the bronze coloured sheets refract the sunrays, thus making the strong light less irritating on the eyes. They also help maintain a pleasant inner temperature.

Terrace Enclosure Types

Terrace enclosure is an organic part of architecture, since the side of the enclosure itself is going to be one of the building’s walls. Thanks to this, it can easily be heated and advantageous in respect to the building’s thermal insulation as well. In case of unfavourable weather, you may still use your terrace – or the pool located under the enclosure – in a closed state. In sunny, pleasant weather, the owner may enjoy it on their open terrace.The various terrace enclosures can be used easily for the effective and functional expansion of inner space. Most types can be accomodated to the characteristics of the location – the building and the garden – in a flexibe way, in order to perfectly serve the demands of the client in winter, in summer, in snow, wind and sunshine as well.

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