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Value adding

Thanks to the diversity of our product palette, it can be adjusted to the environment of your estate, by which it becomes a jewel of your garden, therefore increasing the value of your estate.


Rounded profiles:

Taking the multiple year manufacturing experiences and the feedback of clients into consideration, our unique profiles are rounded in favour of a more comfortable and safer usability.

Rollers equipped with bearings:

The wheels of the pool enclosure’s segments are equipped with double bearings, as well as dustproof ball bearings on both sides in favour of extra easy movement and a long lifespan.

14-milimeter, extra flat rail:

Railway type: 14 mm height, can be built modularly, seamlessly (2-3-4-5-6 tracks). It has a slip-resistant surface, on which we can walk comfortably. It is really important if we step on the tracks with wet feet.


The telescopic, polycarbonate pool enclosure can be closed and opened easily and quickly, and does not require extra effort. It is equipped with a low and comfortable rail system (only 14-15 mm) that has a slip-resistant surface and can be built seamlessly, so that the open pool cover does not disturb the pool-goers. The time it takes to keep the pool clean decreases. Winterisation and the preparation for the season are greatly simplified if you use a telescopic, polycarbonate pool enclosure, since the enclosure already contributes greatly to the protection of the pool by itself.

Future Proof

Functionality is only complete if it is paired with reliability. Our unique technical solutions have been developed based on the experience we have acquired over many years of manufacturing, which we have often supplemented with our clients’ ideas. That is why today we are able to offer a modern, secure, future-proof pool enclosure solution with a long lifespan for our clients. The frame structures of our pool enclosure are made of special, anodized aluminium, which, upon request, may also be selected with a surface that is coloured with electrostatic powder coating.

Cost effectiveness

The telescopic, polycarbonate pool enclosure assists in heating up the pool water. The operational concept of enclosures is based on the greenhouse effect; meaning that the incoming solar energy is stalled under the enclosure, therefore the pool’s water warms up easily despite the chilly outside temperature. Read More


The pool enclosure makes your pool and its environment safe. If pets, or small children are in the pool’s vicinity, accidents may happen – although rarely. These are entirely avoidable by installing a telescopic, polycarbonate enclosure, which prevents falling in water. It provides perfect protection! Its handling is incredibly easy, but thanks to its storm protectors it’s still a stable, windproof and durable structure. The cover’s door and its segments can be locked with a key. Without opening it, children cannot get in the pool’s immediate vicinity without parental supervision, even by accident. Although there exists a safety blanket for the pool specifically for this purpose, however these cannot guarantee the advantages of polycarbonate enclosures. All across Europe it is now mandatory for pool owners to secure the pool area based on international certificates. Therefore, it is worthwhile to plan ahead (child play zone, lock).